Shaping The Unseen

Shaping The Unseen is designed to help you quiet the inner voices of doubt and worry, develop unshakable confidence in yourself and your own abilities, and feel completely comfortable and at ease in any situation… no matter who you‘re speaking with or what‘s going on around you!

Shaping The Unseen - Audiobook Sample

by Steve Harrison | Absolute Freedom Lifestyle

There‘s a Power Within You That‘s Far Greater Than Any Circumstance or Situation You‘ll Ever Find Yourself In. Highly successful people feel anxiety, fear and worry just like everyone else. However, they‘ve come to understand – either consciously or unconsciously – that there‘s a power within them that is far more powerful than any circumstance, situation or condition they‘ll ever find themselves in. Even when they‘re faced with a situation that may feel scary, or that they may not know how to get through, they believe in themselves and their own abilities. They ”feel the fear and do it anyway.“ And this calm confidence allows them to create extraordinary results in their lives!


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