Do It Anyway

We all give in to our inner critic now and then. This internal voice has been a powerful force and has the potential to hold us back from living our best lives. Fortunately, you can learn to manage your negative self-talk in productive and meaningful ways. You can take charge of it once you learn more about your inner critic, where it comes from, and the patterns it uses to sabotage you. The key is discovering how to recognize this negative inner voice and understand the power it has over you. Once that happens, you have the ability to make real and lasting change. Until you know your inner critic, you can’t fight it.

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Do It Anyway Audiobook - Sample

by Steve Harrison | Absolute Freedom Lifestyle

Shut Up Your Inner Critic 30 Day Challenge Audiobook - Sample

by Steve Harrison | Absolute Freedom Lifestyle

In this eBook, I’ll share with you a four-step system for effectively dealing with your inner critic. This negative self-talk of yours has likely been around much of your life. It’s important to understand that overcoming its destructive effects won’t happen overnight. It will require you to learn new habits. You’ll have to refute past messages you’ve previously accepted and internalized as truth. Sorting through truth from fiction with regard to the beliefs we’ve internalized over the years is an intense process. It will be hard work.

Once you’ve taken the time to acknowledge your inner critic and started to wade through all the damaging and harmful messages it’s been giving you throughout your life, it’s time to start working toward changing your habits. I’ll show you helpful strategies for doing this work on a daily basis. As with any new habit, overcoming your inner critic will require persistent and repetitive practice in order for the actions to stick.

Even once you’ve learned to accept your inner critic and have an understanding of the ways in which your negative self-talk has evolved over time, living a new truth requires dedication and persistence. You can expect to experience setbacks now and then. You’re likely to fall back into old habits. If you keep getting back up on the horse, these new healthier habits will start to take effect. In fact, new neural pathways in your brain will start to form, making it easier and easier to behave in the beneficial ways you’re learning.

You can be confident that I’ll provide plenty of strategies and examples to help you incorporate these strategies into your real life. I even dedicate a chapter of this book to looking back on how far you’ve come and celebrating your success. Recognition and reward are crucial to maintaining motivation and momentum. It’s not selfish to be proud of your accomplishments toward self-growth.

Take advantage of the BUNDLE SALE PRICE which includes all of the material you will need.

You can expect to learn all of this and more throughout this bundle. I’m so excited to have you with me throughout this journey. So, let’s get started.


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